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OKAY so i was giving kings prints away but i saved one last copy of each for a super quick giveaway!

i am still so grateful for all the kind comments & support i’ve received from rt fans over the past year, so here’s your last chance at getting these assortment of posters, incl. the last 3 which were meant for barbara & lindsay only !! ★★★

one reblog, one like only, international is a-okay, must follow me (i dont.. know why you would enter otherwise if you dont like my art @@), ends on sept 12! THANK YOU EVERYONE, ONCE AGAIN 💕💕

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Hey, just wondering did you use Abdrew Cooks designs for your costume? It looks amazing!

Of course!  I followed DFT’s tutorials pretty much to the T.  Aside from very little details because I couldn’t bevel really well. ^^;  Thanks!

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Achievement Hunter - ODST (Cosplay by P4g3.net)

Minecraft videos coming soon. (Tm)

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Was going to take pictures of my gun + helmet, but Noble decided to pose along.  *Insert Noble 6 jokes here* <3

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We survived RTX 2014!  We drove all the way from West Virginia to grace Austin, TX with our presence.  It was amazing, met a few Roosterteeth lovelies, and had a great time.  Thank you SO MUCH for EVERYONE who wanted to take my picture/take a picture with me.  I worked hard on this cosplay, and I loved all you guys. T_T  I’m pretty wore out from the 20+ hour drive.  If anyone got pictures of me over the weekend, tag me in them or something!  I’d love to see them. c:

I’m fin!  We leave for RTX tomorrow, to make the trek from West Virginia.  Excited to arrive, but not so much the drive.  Please say hi!  I’ll be wearing this sucker all three days, hopefully it’ll endure.  I can’t wait to get signatures on my helmet, that’s my main goal!  Hopefully people will get some pictures of me, this is kinda my legit first cosplay for a huge convention and I am SO NERVOUS.

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The logo is painted! :D

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Finished my helmet!  It took a few days, but I got it finished in time for RTX.  I need an actual visor in it, but it’s way to close to leaving for me to be hacking away at it.  Can’t wait to get everyone to sign it! =D

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Not bad for literally 3 days work. Just wanted to make a prop helmet for signatures that I can have everyone sign. ^^ it’s not the most accurate but making all of it literally in 3 days was awesome. Painting it and all the rest of the armor soon(tm)! RTX is less than a week away omg.

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+ odst + rtx + cosplay




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Weathered the legs. ^^

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Wanted a helmet- made a helmet. c: 5 hours last night and 11 today. Resin time!

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Everything is built! Now on to the weathering. RTX in 15 days!

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